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Welcome to Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc. a Not For Profit (NFP) 501©(3) organization operating in the State of Maryland. It is a great pleasure to welcome your child to our soccer practices that take place on the days, places and hours indicated in the enclosed package. In addition to this letter, your child will receive a registration form which will contain all the details about a nominal registration fee and other contributions for travel and other competition-related expenses. Will you please read carefully the following terms and conditions, medical release and waiver of liability.

Terms and Conditions

The parent, guardian, or custodian by executing this registration for and on behalf of the named participant represents and warrants that there is not any misrepresentation whatsoever and that they are unaware of any mental or physical impediment that would or could cause injury or harm to the participant or to others by (his/her) participation in the activities of the “Elite Sports Promotion dba: “Soccer Academy”. Due to the strenuous nature of Soccer practices, the parent acknowledges that they have consulted a physician concerning the fitness of the participant to engage in “Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc” activities prior to executing this registration. The parent, guardian or custodian further agrees to pay a nominal non-refundable participation fee as detailed in the enclosed package. All “Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc” employees, volunteers, coaches and agents will do their best to teach and help the student(s)/participant(s) progress in the learning process. However, different groups or individuals learn at different paces. The acceptance of a student/participant should not be construed as a promise or a guarantee of success or progress in that particular sport. Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc is not in a condition to offer “Babysitting” arrangement or services. It is “Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc” policy to strongly advise parents, guardians and legal custodians to accompany and wait for their children up to the end of the practices sessions.

Medical Release

Although, Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc , Inc is not responsible for admission in any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment, in case that a parent can not be located in an emergency situation, as the legal parent, custodian or guardian, I request and authorize that in my absence the student named in this document be transported admitted to any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment. I further request and authorize any physicians, dentists and other such competent licensed technicians, nurses and hospitals facilities employees or agents to perform any diagnosis, treatment and operative procedures and x-ray treatment of the student/participant named above. I understand that I have “not been given any guarantee as to the results of hospitalization and/or treatment. I. further authorize Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc, its employees, officers, members, volunteers to act in the above named student/participant’s best interests, and to use their best judgment in providing transportation or arranging for emergency care in any urgent circumstances requiring medical attention. I understand that I am responsible to pay any bills that occur during such an emergency (transportation, medical care, medications and others) and I accept the release of my personal information in doing so. I further authorize the hospital, medical or care facility to dispose of any specimen or tissue during the course of any diagnosis, treatment or other normal or customary procedures.

Waiver of Liability

I, the parent, guardian or custodian of the child(ren) ……………………………………… by executing and/or signing this Form- in its original or copy- release, indemnify hold harmless Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc or its affiliates, volunteers, and agents from all liabilities, suits claims, and demand of any kind and nature, legal or financial, whether caused by “Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc” or not. The child(ren)/participant(s) named below does (do) voluntarily participate in any and all “Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy , Inc” exercises and that the student(s) /participant(s) and I understand this “terms and conditions, medical release and terms and conditions” document includes all activities related to and originated from participation and involvement with “Soccer” formal and informal practices.

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