PLAYERS DEVELOPMENT – Elites Soccer Youth Development academy


This is a class designed to improve a player’s comfort and versatility with the ball.

The content of the sessions each week will be:
– Small group keep away with changes in touch restrictions
– getting first touch on the move and away from defensive pressure
– ability to connect a pass under pressure
– ability to keep a ball safe while dribbling
– recognizing passing options before receiving the ball
– moving off the ball to give a teammate a better option

– Learning moves, foot-skill patterns, and juggling
– attacking moves to beat a player and turns to take the ball away from pressure
– foot-skill patterns and juggling develop coordination and balance,
hard-wiring the motor-skills needed to manipulate the ball at speed
with all surfaces of the feet, whether it be on the ground or in the air

– show players how and where to use the moves and foot-skills they learn

2v2 to 4v4 futsal
– teach players to defend and attack in small groups
– When to pass and when to dribble
– team spacing and roles
– communicating to coordinate and accomplish a common goal
– transitioning from offense to defense and vice versa

The moves, foot-skill patterns, and 1v1 games will have a different focus each week. All of the activities used present game-like scenarios, and allow players to succeed and fail as they offer many repetitions at game speed. These sessions are a great deal of fun because players are encouraged to be creative and allowed to learn through playing. We hope to see you all at the training this winter!

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