ESYDA Ability Soccer Classes and Soccer Toddlers Program

ESYDA Ability Soccer Classes and Soccer Toddlers Program

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ESYDA ABILITY Developmental Soccer Program for Neuro-diverse and typically developing learners ages 4.5-10 boys and girls

Age Groups:
Ages 4-5. Ages 6-7, Ages 8-10

Every Saturday starting  September 21, 2019-November 2, 2019

Cresthaven Haven ES 

Who we are looking for:
ESYDA ABILITY Soccer program focuses on working with students of all learning types that want to learn more about soccer, build friendships, and participate in the sport. Our staff is trained to work with neuro-diverse and typically developing learners from ages 4.5-10. We are looking for students and parents that would like to form a partnership with our program and include everyone!

ESYDA Ability Developmental Soccer Program

1 Mission
To create a inclusive environment to all neuro-diverse learners that will focus on their abilities and build upon current skills to learn about soccer as a sport that includes working on social skills as well.
2 Purpose
he purpose of the ESDAY Ability program is to create a fun soccer class for all types of learners that focuses on the possibilities and abilities of all players. We want everyone to feel included, make friends, and always do their best.
3 Focus of the Program
The FOCUS of the program will be to work on players listening abilities, following multi-step directions, working with others and team building skills.
ESYDA Toddler Soccer Program
Grade Groups: 1st and 2nd/3rd, 4th and 5th:
*East County Elementary School Kids Program
Come and enjoy the magical soccer world with ESYDA Developmental Soccer Program. Kids will keep active, and engaged during the fall while learning to work on their soccer skills. Players will build soccer skills such ball control, ball passing, dribbling, shooting, and working with their teammates etc. We have a highly-motivated and enthusiastic staff that loves working with children of all learning types and engaging them in soccer. This is a suitable class for children new to soccer as while as those who are want to work on making friends, fun memories, listening skills, behavior skills and social skills!

4:30-5:30 Practice @ White Oak Recreation Center
September 17-October 31, 2019
Price: $250.00- financial assistance available

*Boys and Girls/Grades 1st-5th

Time: 4:30-5:30
Where: @ White Oak Recreation Center

Price: $200.00 per a child

Dates: September 17, 2019-October 31, 2019 -Every Tuesday/Thursday


ESYDA Ability

*250.00 per a child

*financial aid available   

ESYDA Dribblers 

*150.00 per a child


250.00 per a child

*financial aid available  

9:30-10:30-4-5 Age Group

9:30-10:30-1-3 Age Group

4:30-5:30-1st-5th Grade 

10:30-11:30-6/7 Age Group

10:30-11:30-3.5-4.5 Age group

Practice @ 4:30-5:30 @ White Oak Recreation Center

11:30-12:30-8,9,10 Age Group

*Saturday Mornings @ Cresthaven ES School 

Who: 1st-5th grade students boys and girls!